About us

About us

Our many years of experience in the field of export consulting are the primary reasons for our ability to deal with your international export needs - professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our international personnel has a wealth of experience in international sales management and export consulting which ensures that you will receive fast and efficient solutions worldwide to enable you to capitalize on export opportunities and your export potentiality.

The cooperative was founded by a group of international experts with the aim of assisting enterprises at every stage of development by delivering affordable, results-oriented marketing plans and export market development activities and programs. Under the managements leadership many market analyses, group participation at international exhibitions, trade missions, workshops, Point of Sale activities and international retail and advertising campaigns have been successfully implemented.

The staff has been actively involved in pro-active export market development activities in more than 80 countries, from the Asia to the United States of America.

Costruttori Casa Clima S├╝dtirol Intersales - Sales & Marketing going global.


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