CCS Intersales relies on desendents of Italian Tirolean emigrants in Brazil

Although Brazil is less than 10,000 km away, this country holds unused opportunities for more sales of products from our region. To counteract this circumstance , the cooperatve CCS Intersales, opened its second branch in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. This was mainly colonized by emigrants from the former Welschtirol region, now Trentino, in 1875. Today, the descendants of these emigrants number more than 400,000 people with above-average income and important economic functions. The branch is located in the prestigious law firm of lawyer Marcondes Brincas in Florianopolis. In recent years, several companies from the neighboring province have been actively and successfully supported in the conquest of the brasilian market. Later this year, a first dairy product from South Tyrol will be marketed through a local cheese manufacturer, whose great-grandfathers had emigrated from Welschtirol, and has now become the largest producer of Parmesan cheese in Brazil.
CCS Team in Florianopolis (Santa Catarina - Brazil), v.l.n.s. Renato Marcondes Brincas, Oscar Lenzi, Luiz Dalla Valle

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